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Are you ready to cultivate more healthy, meaningful relationships?

Are you looking for renewed joy and a sense of well-being?

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We Believe That The Key To Happiness Lies In Our Relationships


In the busy and often confusing world in which we live it is far too easy to overlook the single most important aspect of our lives – the well-being of ourselves and our relationships. At the most core level, our philosophy is that fulfilling relationships are the key to our happiness. That includes the most important relationship of all – the relationship we have with ourselves.

If we can learn to love, honour and accept ourselves without judgment, then we can learn to accept and love others. Please look through our site to get to know a bit more about us, who we are and why we love “relationship work”. We encourage you to contact us directly to learn more about the variety of counselling services and relationship workshops that we offer and to book a free initial consultation.


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Clint has a comforting presence that makes you feel instantly at ease and a unique perspective and life experience to draw on that make him able to relate to and connect with anyone. His grounded and peaceful energy make him unflappable in any situation.
(counselling client, Vancouver, BC)

Andrena is a skilled counsellor who provides consistent emotional and physical environments that support her clients to become more self-aware, attune to their own wisdom and to become better choice makers in their lives. She is both instructive and enlightening!
(counselling client, Sechelt, BC)

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