Andrena and Clint provided a truly unique and holistic experience. We benefited from both individual and group counselling which allowed us to heal personally while growing together as a unit. We were given the tools, guidance and understanding needed in what had become very difficult times.

We were taught how to discover our own solutions, giving us a hopeful lifetime of success when it comes to our mental health, our ability to heal and keep our family working as a strong unit going forward. (Couples Counselling clients, Vancouver, BC)

I had tried counselling before with no success…twice. With Andrena I always felt clearly understood. She has a direct and honest approach in dealing with issues, no “beating around the bush”. (Emily Winger, Vancouver, BC)


Clint has a comforting presence that makes you feel instantly at ease and a unique perspective and life experience to draw on that make him able to relate to and connect with anyone. His grounded and peaceful energy make him unflappable in any situation. (Counselling Client, Vancouver, BC)

Thank you so much for your dedication to my well being. Your steadiness and reliability provided me with the comfort to move from the broken state in which I existed. Your counselling has strengthened me in ways I didn’t know we’re possible. The learning and growth has radiated into all areas of my life. I can honestly say I have learned to love and forgive myself and others. I now look forward to each day with confidence that I have the tools necessary to achieve the best outcome. Thank you so much Andrena (Andria Christensen, Sechelt, BC)

I’ve always found Clint to be a caring, calm and compassionate person. He is a man of principal and holds himself to extremely high standards. (Counselling Client, Vernon, BC)

Andrena’s professional style, empathic manner and tool chest of practical, realistic skills has given us the ability to understand each other, rebuild trust, and transform our relationship into one that is connected and nurturing. We appreciated Clint’s strong, warm and caring presence. He respectfully challenges the people he works with. Together they likely saved our relationship. (Couples Counselling clients, Vancouver, BC)

Andrena is a skilled counsellor who provides consistent emotional and physical environments that support her clients to become more self-aware, attune to their own wisdom and to become better choice makers in their lives. She is both instructive and enlightening! (Counselling Client, Sechelt, BC)

In the midst of loss and confusion you were there. We truly couldn’t have achieved this outcome without your direction and guidance. Thank you for your mastery and skill as an effective counsellor and mediator. I have no doubt that you will make a difference in the lives of many as you have ours.
(S.H. and family, Gibsons, BC) 

With Andrena’s guidance and skillful instruction we now have relationship tools and strategies that we use on a daily basis. Without them it is likely that our family would not have survived.  (Jamieson Family, Sechelt, BC) 

As a team, your gentle styles and techniques are a mixture of truth, strength, compassion and action.” (Couples Counselling clients, Gibsons, BC)

Clint is the most empathetic and understanding counsellor I have ever had. He is compassionate, gentle, non-judgmental and 100% supportive. He always goes above and beyond to support me. He has taught me a lifetime of tools and shown me different ways to look at things that have helped me finally feel that I am enough. I am forever grateful for his presence in my life.
(Kareena Phillips, Halfmoon Bay, BC)