Individual Counselling

Individual Counselling

         Relationships Begin With YOU

           Do you wonder if you will ever feel better about yourself?
           Are you experiencing stress and anxiety?
           Are you going through a difficult life transition?
           Are you looking to rebuild relationships in your life?  
           Does it seem that everyone, but you, is happy?



Create Rewarding And Fulfilling Relationships


The core or foundation of all relationships is the relationship you have with yourself. The more you know and accept yourself, the more you are able to honour and love yourself, the more you can truly know, understand and connect with the people in your life. If you are reluctant to give love, attention and compassion to yourself, how can you possibly share these gifts with others?


Counselling Helps Nurture Your Most Important Relationship


         learn how to be generous and kind to yourself

         increase your understanding of your feelings

         feel joy and be more positive about life.

         construct healthy boundaries and apply them to your relationships

         increase your confidence and your ability to help yourself

         find strategies to regain energy and move forward in your daily life

         create safe ways to connect and express your thoughts to others

         learn coping skills to manage difficult situations like stress, anger and anxiety


Focus On Yourself


At Wellness Centered, we will provide you with a safe, supportive and nurturing environment where you will always be respected and heard. You will have an opportunity to explore your feelings, share your dreams, fears, desires and struggles openly, honestly and freely. Counselling is a vital opportunity to take the time to focus on yourself and what you need.


“It is surprising how many persons go through life without ever recognizing that their feelings toward other people are largely determined by their feelings toward themselves, and if you are not comfortable within yourself, you cannot be comfortable with others.”
Sidney J. Harris