Wellness Centered Counselling: Rates & Approach



Session rates vary according to the type of service you are looking for as well as session length. Typically, individual sessions are one hour in length. Longer sessions will be billed incrementally. While we do not offer a sliding scale we encourage you to discuss your individual needs with us as we are open to discussing a reduced rate.



Individual session- (60 minutes) starting at$190.00                                                        
Couple sessions (60 – 90 minutes) starting at $220.00
Half day sessions and weekend retreats (contact us for information)

People often find they are able to receive full or partial cost coverage under extended health care or private insurance plans (Sun Life, Manulife, Canwest, Zurich, Pacific Blue Cross). Please check with your healthcare plan provider to determine if you qualify for services provided by a Registered Social Worker or a Counsellor who is registered with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association.

Wellness Centered Counselling accepts Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Cheque, PayPal, Interact Email Transfer and Square.

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information or questions regarding rates.

Invest in your relationship.


Approach To Counselling


We have all heard the saying that that no man (or woman, for that matter) is an island. We believe it is true: good relationships are essential to our happiness, emotional health and wellness. Indeed, one thing researchers know for sure is that our ability to feel love and intimacy is what keeps us well. It is not always easy to keep friendships and family connections strong when you are busy with work, children and other demands on your time. Relationships are hard work…daily work.

Webster uses such words as “connection” and “kinship” to define relationships. Think about the relationships in your life. Do you feel a sense of connection and kinship with your self? How about your friends, siblings, parents, children? Do you feel connected to your romantic partner? It is these connections that bring us joy, energy and love. Through these connections we can also experience anger, jealousy and resentment. No, relationships are not always easy and conflict will develop but the future of our relationships is determined by how we work through these conflicts. Chances for success are greater if we have the right tools and strategies. Research shows that counselling of any sort can resuscitate relationships.

At Wellness Centered Counselling, we use an Integrative Approach; more than one theory. We believe that individuals are unique and possess their own way of being, therefore no one approach will be a good fit for every situation.

When designing plans for clients we have many different approaches and theories to choose from however, three remain constant for us:

First and foremost we believe in Person Centered Theory; we are all essentially trustworthy, social and creative beings and that every person has the internal resources they need for growth and to fully develop their potential for life. You are the “expert”.

The Solution Focused approach recognizes clients as the experts and focuses on what they want to achieve through therapy, rather than on the problem(s) that made them seek help. We believe that people can change by developing a detailed picture of what their life and and relationships “could” be like and identifying solutions that will help them get there.

We practice from a Strengths Perspective; most everything that we do is based on the discovery, cultivation and use of client’s strengths, supports and resources in an effort to help them achieve their goals.